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Son of Rick Caruso wins the Republican debate

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One of the big questions and major subplots to watchers of last night's Republican candidate debate from Simi Valley was — just who was the stern-looking hunk in the audience behind Jake Tapper? Turns out it was Gregory Caruso, a budding Hollywood director but known to many around town as a son of developer and perennial almist-candidate Rick Caruso. Greg went to the USC School of Cinematic Arts and majored in film and television production, per his film's bio.

We'll give US Weekly credit for this scoop:

Way to engage an audience! Candidates and policies flew out the window for a large section of the politically interested community during Wednesday, Sept. 16's GOP forum — thanks to one seriously hot dude, who was seated just to the left of Jake Tapper during the Republican presidential debate.

The handsome, chiseled hunk, wearing a gray suit and a pink-striped tie, became a Twitter sensation as a flurry of flustered debate watchers took to social media to express their extreme interest in the "eye candy" sitting right over Tapper's shoulder.

Well, hang on to your hats, because we've discovered who the owner of those intense eyes is! Meet movie director Gregory Caruso.

More on Caruso, from the site for his film The Making of the American Man.

Gregory was born and raised in Los Angeles and has a true appreciation for the history of film, specifically The Golden Age of Cinema from 1925-1950. He believes some of the most inspirational, stylized, beautiful way of storytelling flourished during that period. He is interested in the history of America and has been primarily influenced by the documentarian Ken Burns. His favorite directors historically include Alfred Hitchcock, François Truffaut, Billy Wilder, Frank Capra, Sidney Lumet, William Wyler, Howard Hawks, John Ford and currently - Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, Wes Anderson, and Spike Jonze.

Also this:

I have always been interested in the first half of the 20th Century concerning style, design and film. I believe that influence is returning to The States and manufacturing is following closely behind due to companies proudly choosing to manufacture here at home. I hope to tell and show the incredible stories of the makers behind the best companies leading the way in American made goods for men. To me, being a gentleman and being a good person is of the upmost importance. But that shouldn't disregard dressing well and taking pride in how you present yourself while being comfortable with your own style.

He looked a bit more studentish while making the film.


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