Customer service

(Written in American Airlines security waiting line at LAX)

Here I sit, watching X-rays of your suitcase for six twenty-five an hour
If this is meant to be my lifeís work Iíd rather be pushing up flowers
So pardon me if I donít smile, if I donít go the extra mile
If I donít care about your point of view
I hate my job so Iím taking it out on you

Here I sit behind the Post Office counter; two other clerks called in sick
Thereís a line of twenty people at eight thirty in the morning
and they all want me to click
my heels and tell Ďem that theyíre next in line
Well, I donít get no overtime
So pardon me if I roll my eyes
If I treat your impatience as no surprise
If I act like I expect you to pay some dues
I hate my job so Iím taking it out on you.

Some people get ahead
Some people can't
Life's like a line
And now you're in mine
I need my vengeance, I need pay-back
So just stand there Ďtil you have a heart attack

Well the airport and the Post Office didnít work out
Now Iím a greeter at a Wal-Mart store
But I think Iím getting into a pickle for saying
things that greeters never said before, such as:
ďShoppers, you wonít find anything finer
Made for starvation wages by the people of ChinaĒ
So pardon me if my sarcasm stings
ĎCuz I ainít no butterfly; I can't sprout wings
and fly like a bat outta Hell from a world so cruel
I hate my job
I hate my job
I hate my job
I hate my job so Iím taking it out on you

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