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Bronson caveA friend sent an irresistible e-mail: wanna watch scenes from Invasion of the Body Snatchers in the cave where it was filmed? You betcha. So did about forty other film buffs who made the short hike up Bronson Canyon at dusk. There, in the cool stillness of the Bronson Caves, a trio of caverns drilled through mountain rock, author Harry Medved hoisted a portable DVD player and took us on a spin through some pretty great - and some truly awful - film history. (They Saved Hitler's Brain, Ride the High Country and Batman - the TV show - all used the cave locations.)Bob Burns
It turned out to be a blast from the personal past, as well. Bob Burns (pictured here with the helmet from the low-budget sci-fi Golden Turkey winner, Robot Monster) worked for B-movie king Roger Corman at the same time my dad did. Harry, whose new book, "Hollywood Escapes", is a comprehensive travel guide to film locations throughout Southern California, went to Pali HIgh with my brother.
LA. Just another small town.

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