Malibu Public Beaches safaris

I've been posting an owner's manual for public users of the Malibu beaches (pts. 1, 2, 3). But would you like someone to show you how to do it before you try it for yourself?

Here's an announcement from my alter ego, Ranger Jenny.

The Los Angeles Urban Rangers announce:

August 4-5th & 11-12th, 2007

Tired of Zuma and Surfrider? Want to find and use the other beaches in
Malibu? The twenty miles that are lined with private development? The
"Malibu Public Beaches" safaris will show you how to find, park, walk,
picnic, and sunbathe on a Malibu beach. Each 3 1/2-hour safari visits
two or three beaches and explores natural history, jurisdiction, and the
identification of public and private property. Skills-enhancing
activities include a public-private boundary hike, an accessway hunt,
sign watching, and a public easement potluck.

We will offer two safaris in west Malibu and two in east Malibu:

** West Malibu beaches - SAT Aug 4 (9:30am-1pm), SUN Aug 12 (1:30-5pm)
** East Malibu beaches - SUN Aug 5 (9:30am-1pm), SAT Aug 11 (1:30-5pm)

Safaris are free, but space is limited. To sign up, please email with tour date, name, and # of people. For
further information on the safaris and the Los Angeles Urban Rangers,

A "Malibu Public Beaches" guide will be downloadable from our website in
early August.

malibu signage.jpg

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