Mayor Villaraigosa sighted in Westwood

There he was, all alone on Lindbrook Drive in front of Jamba Juice at 12:25 p.m. today, the mayor in the shade on a cell phone while a security detail stood sentry in the sunlight (blame Hizzhonor's choice of the shade for the grainy quality of the cell-cam image, which would have been more clear had he stood in the sun). Nontheless, the Mayor was seemingly unfazed by the heat, his shirt so nicely pressed and perfectly white. He's clearly a man who's got that pesky ring thing under control, I mean, the ring-around-the-collar thing.

At least one young woman asked to have her picture taken while standing beside the mayor, who kindly displayed his pearly whites for the impromptu portrait.

No news to report, other than, well, how often does anyone see the mayor of Los Angeles in Westwood Village? I'm there every day, so I can tell you for certain that he's not.

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