American Girls Gone Wild

Sunday afternoon --not much going on. Idleness is the Devil's workshop. With thanks to Franny and Georgia.

Addendum: I'm getting some discomfited email so to explain: This all started when I took my kids to buy candy in a liquor store and they noticed the "dolly-sized" booze bottles on display. We laughed about this idea for a year before we got around to executing it. They helped art direct some of the setups, but they have not been allowed to see the finished product with adult-themed titles. So have no fear, my children were not psychologically damaged in the creation of this layout. One viewer has asked, "What are you teaching your kids?" My reply: irony, humor, creativity and that its okay to mess with and re-purpose corporate mascots. Also, this project engendered a lively discussion of how alcohol addiction ruins people's lives. Good family fun!

Kit Has Writer's Block

Click HERE to see the entire, lurid, debauched set.

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