Democrats and ... Tom Tancredo?

UPDATE: From the roundup following Wednesday night's online discussion of the Democratic presidential candidate debate (via Denver Rocky Mountain News reporter M.E. Sprengelmeyer's Back roads to the White House blog):

"Tancredo ripped various Democrats when they talked about his trademark issue, opposing illegal immigration. But he never got around to answering a pointed challenge from one of our panelists, writer T.J. Sullivan of "T.J. Sullivan in L.A.".

Sullivan, a former colleague of mine from the Ventura County Star, questioned Tancredo's assertion that illegal immigrants will "simply self-deport" if there's a crackdown on employers who hire them.

'Congressman, with all due respect, what you're saying is that the American people should turn millions of their neighbors out into the street, then lock all the doors and hope they go away.
Is it possible to defend that as a humane solution?'

Unless the congressman wants to come back and post an additional response, Sullivan gets the last word on that."

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As if there wasn't already reason enough to watch tonight's debate at Dartmouth, yours truly will be one of several featured participants in a real-time, online discussion of the exchange between the Democratic contenders for the White House.

Also featured in the real-time chat will be:

Elizabeth Blackney, host of The Media Lizzy Show. Media Lizzy's blog says she "brings a fresh, and sometimes naughty, perspective to her show. Remember, politricks - is just politics - with a finale. Join the afterglow."

Lynda Waddington of Essential Estrogen, a blog dedicated to women who "strive to bring the female attributes of integrity, cooperation and true compassion into our public policies." It is written by women who reside in Iowa.

And ...

Congressman Tom Tancredo, a Republican whose hardline stand on immigration is ... uh ... well ... hard (he reportedly told a reporter this summer that he "loved the symbolism" of a pitchfork and a torch when asked if the implements might provide fodder for a new Tancredo logo).

The live chat begins at 6 PM Pacific Time and will be hosted by the Back roads to the White House blog, which is maintained by Denver Rocky Mountain News reporter M.E. Sprengelmeyer.

Sprengelmeyer, who's following the drive to the 2008 election from a bureau in Des Moines, says in the teaser that the discussion is expected to be "uhm, lively."

It's not exactly an afternoon tea.

The debate is set to be broadcast and streamed online by MSNBC from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific Time. The live chat will be at this link.

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