Mysteries Solved ... Part XXIV

Once again, your man in the field notices the little things so you don't have to ...

Just got a new microwave after the old one died. My wife likes the sensor reheat setting that just warms up leftovers without having to use the pesky math we took in high school, and thought we'd never need, to calculate cooking times. We didn't pay much attention to anything else, other than the box dimensions so it could fit on the kitchen counter. And then yesterday, we both noticed the small print on the keypad. Why is America fat? Mystery solved.

Screen view

Coming soon: How the ad-mentioned side effects of a medication for RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) may cause rampant compulsive gambling, hypersexuality, and over-eating (stay away from that microwave!). I kid you not. But I'm not complaining. At least those are better side effects than the usual phlegmatic, excremental, gaseous, achy, cough and nausea-inducing regulars.

Now, if I melt some chocolate, I'll need some pecan walnut ice cream to pour it over ...

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