Tours: the L.A. River, the Malibu beaches

Now that’s an exceptionally tough choice (see information below for how to sign up for both tours). The 51-mile L.A. River, or the 20 miles of Malibu public beaches that are lined with private development?

They’re both huge, essential, richly iconic L.A. outdoor public spaces that have long been famously difficult to find and enjoy. They’re like the yin and yang (the beauty and the beast?) in L.A.’s dysfunctional history of public space.

And their fates are tightly intertwined--of course. The beaches are populated by affluent folks, and a lot of celebs, whose tireless (I mean this) campaigns to clean up L.A.’s glorious ocean are doomed hopelessly to failure if we don’t clean up L.A.’s Grand Sewer—which will also bring desperately needed public park space to communities without a lot of celebs. See how it's all connected?

Here are the announcements for the tours: (disclosure: I am deeply involved in both):


people2.jpg Tour the Mighty Los Angeles River!

Everyone in L.A. has seen the L.A. River, and has heard that it's being revitalized. But who knows where it is, exactly--and what exactly is happening on its banks?

The Friends of the L.A. River tours take you to current and planned restoration sites. Come walk, drive, and lunch along the L.A. River, as we talk about its central role in the city's past and the necessity of its comeback to LA's future.

Jan 27--car tour, 10-4 (sign up soon)
Feb 24--car tour, 10-4
Mar 2--bus tour, 10-4
Apr 6--car tour, half-day

Tours convene at the River Center (near the 5/110), and stop at the Sepulveda Basin in the Valley, the Glendale Narrows across from Griffith Park, the historic Arroyo Seco confluence, the Los Angeles State Historic Park (aka the Cornfield), and the
heart of downtown.

Car-caravan tours (form carpools at start)--$20 members/$25 non; Bus tours--$45/$55. Nonprofits and students-- contact or for member rate. Lunch included on bus tours; we stop at a riverside cafe on car tours, or bring your own.

Kids (thru 18) are free--and dogs are welcome (and free).

Spaces limited, and advance sign-up required-- or 323-223-0585. For more information--


malibu yoga sm.jpg

In conjunction with KCET's recently released Web Stories, "Sustaining L.A.," the Los Angeles Urban Rangers announce:

Sunday, Feb. 3, 1-4:30pm

Tired of Zuma and Surfrider? Want to find the twenty miles of public beaches that are lined with private development?

The "Malibu Public Beaches" safaris show you how to find, park, walk, picnic, and sunbathe on these Malibu beaches legally and safely. The safari visits two different beaches. Skills-enhancing activities include a public-private boundary hike, sign watching, a no-kill hunt for accessways, and a public easement potluck.

Safaris are free. Spaces are limited. To sign up, e-mail w/name and # of people. For further information on the safaris and the Los Angeles Urban Rangers, please visit

A downloadable "Malibu Public Beaches" guide is available on our website.

The Rangers are happy to offer this safari in conjunction with KCET's new online feature, "Sustaining L.A.," about four public-art groups—Fallen Fruit, Farmlab, Edible Estates, and the Rangers—who explore the L.A. landscape. Check for upcoming events and for abundant info on all these groups.

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