Enjoy the dry sand!--plus, the other best-kept secret in Malibu

The Coastal Commission has now posted highly user-friendly maps of the public easements on Carbon Beach, aka Billionaires Beach—the places where you are welcome to use the dry sand. Warmly welcome. This 1 1/2-mile mile beach has 56 easements. Fifty-six. All are large and inviting. The maps also show you the locations of the two accessways you can use to get on to the beach—at 22706 and 22126 PCH. Download all 6 maps--they proceed west to east--and be sure to use a color printer, since unlike the maps for Broad Beach, these are color-coded.

That's one of Malibu's best-kept secrets: the existence and locations of the dry-sand easements. Here's the other: This beach is open 24 hours, as are all the beaches that are part public and part private—and that includes the easements. Here’s the catch: the access gates close at sunset. However, most of the gates (though not 22126, sadly) remain unlocked on the beach side--you can always leave, in other words--so as long as you enter before sunset, you are quite warmly welcome to stay as late as you want. Moonlight picnics on the beach! Also feel free to arrive after dark via kayak, parachute, jetpack, or breast stroke.

For a guide to Malibu’s public-private beaches, you can download the handy 1-page Los Angeles Urban Rangers guide, as well as my 3-part LA Observed guide, on the Los Angeles Urban Rangers website.

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