Well I'll Be Doggoned!


Governor Schwarzenegger recently did the right thing by supporting the new law against texting while driving. We have to keep all our attention on the road. (Maybe he should increase enforcement of the hands free law, too, since I still see people driving with a phone to their ear.)

Meanwhile, it's still up in the air whether his veto today of a law banning your dog from sitting in your lap while you're behind the wheel is a good thing. After all, nothing's funnier than passing what looks like a bull mastif in the driver's seat, on the freeway.

Anyway, this all got me thinking this morning after my dog, Windsor, brought in the paper, made me a cup of coffee, poached a couple eggs, and shared my joy over the Governor's latest veto. Then we talked about a story I'd recently read in the paper, a heartwarming tale of how a dog's master had taught him to dial 911 in an emergency -- and then the dog actually saved the guy's life. Fantastic.

Dogs are smart. So smart in fact that I'm going to teach Windsor to text for me ... while sitting in my lap ... looking for all the world like he's driving my car. Shouldn't be too ruff. He's already got text-speak down cold.

And -- OMFG! -- it's ALL perfectly legal.

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