How bad off are we if the Kindle is sold-out?

An amusing look at Amazon's Kindle.
I want the Kindle to catch on.

I swear to my book-loving God I do, and, yes, I know for a fact he/she loves books because the bible has sold more than five billion copies since 1815, which I'm pretty sure is better than even JK Rowling, not that I mean any disrespect at all ... to Ms. Rowling.

But something about this whole Kindle craze just doesn't figure.

We're still in so-called "trying" times. Things are still supposed to get a lot worse. Layoffs have hit nearly every industry, including book publishing, kids are writing tragic letters of loss and heartache to Santa Claus, and Jay Leno is moving to prime time because "with the economic situation a lot of people go to bed earlier."

Ok, so I have NO idea where Leno got that little factoid about how the onset of poverty improves sleeping habits, but the stuff about the layoffs and the Santa letters has been verified, and yet has somehow managed to SELL OUT its entire stock of Kindles at a cost of $359.00 each!

It's revolutionary. It's cool. I get all that. I've held one, used one, envied a person who owned one but ... How? Why?

And if the answer is simply the fact that Oprah Winfrey touched a Kindle and said it was good, then somebody get that woman to Wall Street, give her a megaphone and get out of her way!

In the meantime, I'll just have to envy those who have Kindles, marvel at all the books they can carry all at once, and hope that soon they'll be carrying mine in there too.

TJ Sullivan

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