Today is The Great L.A. Walk

Downtown LA on Sunday

What makes L.A. great? Ideas like this one -- walking from downtown L.A. to the ocean, just for the hell of it. You can do all of it or some of it or just meet the intrepid walkers at their noon stop at the Atomic Cafe. The path?

From the Shrine, we'll hike up Figueroa until we get to Adams. From there we start to head west on Adams -- but we'll also be taking a few detours onto side streets north and south of Adams in order to take a look at classic Los Angeles architecture and homes. Later, we'll make our way up to Washington and walk through the Mid-City district. We keep on walking down Washington, and through Culver City, before eventually finding our way to Venice Beach and the ocean.

And there's always the after-party. See all the FAQ (and answers) here.

So break out the daypacks and moleskins and the comfy shoes and take a walk today.

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