Deep in his lair at The Order�s world headquarters in Los Angeles, Prefect Patrick Duvane devises a dastardly new plot: the takeover of the LA Observed Script Project.


No, wait, that can�t be right. Duvane is a fictional character. The guy threatening to hijack our screenplay is Marvin Wolf who, by writing our newest pages (76-80) of �Right of Way,� becomes a rare two-time contributor and the first to achieve that status in consecutive weeks.

Truth be told, Marvin is not most people�s idea of dastardly. On the surface, he�s a mild-mannered screenwriter, journalist, photographer and author with a distinguished, even heroic, military record

But look deeper. It�s Marv who breathed life into Duvane�s evil plan to sabotage Mayor Napolitano�s subway project, financially ruin his friend and investor Larry Davis, and then frame the mayor for Davis� murder.

Coming late to our project, he�s taken our world of sunshine, optimism and progressive, public transportation, and revealed it to be lousy with corruption, betrayal and murder.

Actually, most of that stuff was already there, but Marv brought it into full relief by concocting a complex back-story that ties together several or our story�s many loose ends and manages to sound smart and believable in the process.

�One of the things I liked about �Right of Way,� as I encountered it with 70 pages written, was its parade of characters,� he said. �Yet I also worried about this parade marching right past the story.

�So I decided to go back to one of those faces met in passing, flesh him out and make him a key to solving the puzzle of the plot.�

But here�s the rub: Marv knew from the outset that his goal would take more than the allotted maximum five pages to reach.

Working in secret and without shame, he hatched a plan to contribute a 10-page chunk of story by writing so well that his submissions would be selected two weeks in a row!

So the question remains, Marv or Duvane -- which of these two diabolical puppetmasters is really in charge?

And now, having created a twist that will force Napolitano to fight a trumped-up murder rap, will Marv sit back and admire his handiwork or will he mount a quest for Act Three domination?

�The strength of this work is in the diversity of its contributors, and I must respect that,� he said.

But can we believe him after what he did to the mayor? Keep in mind, his history of polygraph failure has been documented.

Tune in next week to read our newest pages. Or better yet, write them yourself.


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