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Journo jumps from Daily Journal to Warren Olney

David Houston, editor of the Los Angeles Daily Journal, sends associate editor Evan George off to "Which Way, LA" and "To the Point," the afternoon news shows based at KCRW and hosted by Warren Olney. Plus a promotion at the legal daily. From Houston's note:


I have sad and happy news to report: Evan George has decided to take a job at NPR [sic] and Jason Armstrong accepted an offer to become an associate editor in Los Angeles.

Evan came to the paper nearly five years ago, first as a reporter covering health care. He distinguished himself winning national awards, including a Best of the West, a high honor for a paper our size. Two years ago, he became an editor. Evan's work ethic and his intellect are extraordinary. He has put his stamp on this paper in so many ways, developing stories and helping reporters perfect their craft. His contribution to our deadline performance cannot be understated. Evan is going to be a producer for the national show "To the Point" and the KCRW show "Which Way L.A.?" His last day is July 13.

Jason Armstrong has been with the Daily Journal for 14 years as a reporter in Orange County and the Inland Empire and covering the real estate and development beat. He too has won several awards. Jason has a tremendous ability for developing sources. People like to tell him things and they trust that his reporting will be fair and honest. He covered the Bratz vs. Barbie litigation and frequently broke stories. Jason will be moving to the Los Angeles office effective Aug. 1.


Houston followed up shortly with a clarification: "All, It's been a long week. I meant to say that Evan's contribution to our deadline cannot be overstated! And believe me, as everyone in LA knows, if it hadn't been for Evan there are days we might not have got the paper off the floor at all -- forget about making deadline!" He also didn't mean NPR. Olney's shows are a co-production of KCRW and Public Radio International.

George moved to the Daily Journal from the Downtown News in 2007. That's becoming a path into the KCRW shows. Anna Scott became a producer for Olney last year after following the Downtown News to Daily Journal route.

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