Rule change

One submission stood out this week, not only because it pushes our story toward a satisfying conclusion, but also because it breaks new ground to do so.

The contributor had purposely gone back and modified the end of last week’s scene in order to take his own pages in a slightly different direction. That, of course, is a brazen transgression of the rules we’ve been following since we launched this crazy enterprise nearly six months ago.

What’s the matter with this guy? Without hard and fast guidelines, we could never have made this thing work as well as it has. If people started rewriting everything that’s gone before, our effort might veer from cordial collaboration to bare-knuckles brawl. At the very least it would become, well, unruly.

Oh, by the way, I’m allowing it.

The writer, a second-time contributor whose identity I won’t reveal until I post the new pages, took a chance that this late in the game I’d be willing to think outside the box if it would bring a good short-term result.

It did, and I am.

His new pages boost us over the 100 mark. Check them out tomorrow night, and read about him, his process, and how we intend to finish our draft over the next few weeks, here at Script Notes.

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