Script Project on TV

In my rush to post this week’s pages while getting back on track from a family vacation, I neglected to mention here that Rich DeMuro, the technology reporter for L.A.’s KCBS and KCAL news, did indeed make good on his plan to bring the story of our online group collaboration to local viewers.

Rich interviewed LAOSP contributor Michael Breiburg and me at Mike’s apartment in Hollywood Monday afternoon, whipped up a nicely done report with the help of his one-woman crew, and got versions of it on the air that evening for two different KCAL-9 newscasts and another one on KCBS-2.

He also wrote a short piece for his Tech Check blog here. You can link to the Channel 9 report by going to the blog and clicking on the video screen to the right.

In case you’re wondering, I chose Mike to represent the Script Project’s contributors partly because he lives conveniently close to the news operation’s home base -- an important factor for a reporter on a breakneck schedule.

It also helped that Mike is planning to become a two-time contributor in a couple of weeks by crafting a Hitchcockian chase through the hills to the Hollywood sign for our story’s climactic sequence. (I’ll post more about that tomorrow.)

In Mike’s initial pages last spring, he had investigators find two bodies -- one in a vacant lot next to his own building and another in the building’s courtyard. Rich passed on the opportunity to photograph those locations in favor of giving more screen time to Mike and me.

No word yet on whether or not he regrets that decision.

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