Your assignment for Sunday

This project’s been a total blast to run so far. The script, despite its flaws, is turning out better than anyone’s had a right to expect, and we’ve all stayed pretty much within the parameters I concocted six months ago, with minimal adjustments along the way.

Now, with a few weeks to go, it’s time for a bigger adjustment.

I just can’t look you all in the cyber-eye and expect one of you to step forward and tie up our story’s loose ends while bringing it to a successful, dramatic climax without a little bit more direction.

So here’s the deal:

I’ll be working with a previous contributor, Michael Breiburg, to craft an ending to the script based on a suggestion he made months ago. Mike will write the next-to-last installment, and I’ll take the finale myself.

That leaves this week and possibly one more for open submissions. Whether you’ve been assiduously following our progress from the beginning or you just tuned in recently -- and website numbers indicate there are a lot of you in the latter category -- you still have one last chance (maybe two) to contribute to our group effort and win an LA Observed Script Project t-shirt.

You even have some leeway in what you can write, although not as much as in weeks past. Here’s a rough checklist of what the next few pages need to cover:

A confrontation in the tunnel: Duvane and his minions escape with Rachel back into their building through the tunnel entrance. Napolitano urges the cops to follow, but they’re not interested. They only want to arrest the mayor. (Remember, Dallesandro, the undersheriff leading the posse, is crooked and in Duvane’s pocket.)

Napolitano gets free: Either he’s bailed out or recog’d by a friendly judge or he escapes with the help of Deland and/or Gallardo, his two suspended cop allies. (He’s probably suspended as well from his mayoral duties, though that may not figure into the story at this point.)

The Duvane-Sydney connection is established visually: We’ve heard these two are in cahoots; now it’s time to see them together.

My suggestion is that Sydney, who’s been shot by his coked-out cohort Celeste, comes to The Order for some quiet medical attention. Duvane then unloads Rachel on him, telling him to get rid of her. Sydney should have a lot of trouble with this directive. After all, she’s not only his girlfriend but a blood relative as well (hey, we’re not judging here).

He takes her back up to Wolf’s Lair, his mansion in the hills, to figure out his next move.

Somewhere around here, Mike Breiburg will take over. Napolitano must rescue Rachel for her sake and his own: She’s the only person who can help him establish his innocence and finger Sydney and Duvane for Larry’s murder.

Don’t feel you have to follow these directives to the letter, but don’t stray too far either. If you reach your page limit before you cover all the necessary ground, don’t worry. You’re welcome to give others a chance to submit those pages the following week. (The rules state that submissions can be 1-5 pages, but at this point I'm looking for 3-5.)

As always, your work is due Sunday at midnight. Read the script, read the recent Script Notes, and give it a shot. I’d love to get one or two new winners to join our title page before this project is finished.

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