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San Diego U-T goes loony tunes on Obama

There's a little media news out of San Diego today: the North County Times was bought by Doug Manchester's newly imperialistic hometown paper, the U-T (formerly the Union-Tribune), according to the San Diego Business Journal. The U-T itself denies the sale has been completed. There's no denying, however, the absolute wing-nuttiness of the U-T editorial board's weekend editorial trying to scare the locals into voting against Barack Obama. The paper has told readers before that it is a pro-Republican organ and sees this election as crucial, but this is satire material.

According to the paper — not sources or activists or citizens or studies, but according to the newspaper itself — if Obama wins reelection the San Diego U-T predicts:

  • An effort to get “In God we Trust” removed from U.S. symbols, including our money.
  • Death panels and other rationing plans will limit health care.
  • Many Californians will be paying 60 to 70 percent of their income in taxes, but 65 percent of Californians will pay no tax at all.

Wow. So if you're a resident of San Diego, what do you do now? Your main hometown newspaper is either run by stupids or by hacks so dishonest they can't be trusted to treat you like an intelligent reader.

Oh by the way: The U-T tomorrow night hosts a joint event with the local Republican Party in San Diego.

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