Arnold and Bruce

Nikki Finke's LA Weekly column this week is about Rhonda Miller, who says she has yet to get an apology from Arnold Schwarzenegger or his aide, Sean Walsh, for spreading erroneous info about her having a long criminal record. The campaign -- and Friends of Arnold on talk radio -- hit back at her after she came forward to accuse Arnold of groping, but they accessed the wrong rap sheet. KFI at least retracted the mistake on behalf of "John and Ken."

The Weekly also runs an excerpt from Bruce Wagner's new Hollywood novel, Still Holding:

Kit was always looking through articles in the Times for movie ideas. Maybe there would be something to develop that he could direct. Shit, his friend Clooney had done it. Nic Cage and Sean, Denzel and Kevin — name the film and the chances were that some actor had “helmed.” There was an item about a woman accused of feeding her young daughter sleeping pills and shaving her head in an effort to convince the community she had leukemia and was worthy of multiple fund-raisers. She even put the kid in counseling, to prepare her for death. Another told of two Wichita brothers who broke into a town house and forced a bunch of twentysomething friends to have sex with each other before staging executions on a snowy soccer field. At the bottom of the page was the story of a pole vaulter who had freakishly crashed to the ground and died during his run. The last thing he said before jogging to his death was, “This is my day, Dad.”

“What’s this thing we’re going to?” Kit asked as Viv strode in, cocky and perfect-looking. He could smell the hair on her arms.

“A benefit for Char Riordan,” she said. “She’s a casting agent — so great. I love her.”

Wagner reads at Spoken Interludes on Nov. 17.

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