New L.A. blog (and 20 old ones)

| 2 Comments, the city guide website being jointly produced by Gannett, Dean Singleton's MediaNews Group and Stephens Media Group, has a new blog up: LAComfidential. Most of the recent posts are about Sundance.

Meanwhile, L.A. Blogs links to a list of free wi-fi spots, and does Indian restaurants in Artesia.

And because I don't post enough on local blogs, here's what a sampling of 20 are writing about today (or close enough):

Matt Welch: Howard Dean.
Nancy Rommelmann: Still leaving L.A.
Luke Y. Thompson: Mars and Halliburton.
Rip Rense: Disney Hall "garish."
Joseph Mailander: Blog titles as poetry.
Boing Boing: Xeni Jardin interviews Susannah Breslin.
Roger Simon: Arnold the "true genius" of modern politics.
CalPundit: Journo contribs story deserved spike.
Mark Kleiman: Iowa reaction.
SoCalLawBlog: Scott Peterson trial locale.
Amy Alkon: Words of the Year.
Priorities and Frivolities: Robert Tagorda approves of Campbell Brown.
Tiffany Stone: Cutting back on the blog.
Franklin Avenue: Mike and Maria like "The Apprentice."
The Aesthetic: Predicting the Breeze's letters.
CalBlog: Justene recommends Xrlq's new design.
BoifromTroy: Counting Wesley Clark's sweaters.
Relevant or Irrelevant: It was 40 years ago today...Relevant!
Intel Dump: Velvet gloves, a second opinion.
Patterico's Pontifications: Piling on Dean.

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