Madrid 2, Galaxy 0

Real Madrid's Zinedine Zidane gets past two Galaxy playersI didn't catch any of the TV coverage, and the papers all report that everybody had a great time at yesterday's Real Madrid-Galaxy match in Carson. (Even T.J. Simers seemed to enjoy himself, despite being way out of his league.) But an L.A. Observed reader emails her dissent, saying the Home Depot Center couldn't handle the crowds. They even ran out of hot dogs—in the first half. Her account of "a horrible night" follows:

I was doing my daily perusal of your website and saw your mention of the Real Madrid v. Galaxy match at the Home Depot Center last night. I went to the match and what I learned is the Home Depot Center cannot handle sold out events. My friends and I arrived in Carson an hour before the 7:30 start time only to spend the next hour or so slowing making our way to sold out parking lots. Traffic was horrible and the sheriffs did not arrive to direct the tangled mess until 15 minutes before the start time. It took us 45 minutes from the freeway exit to get to the turn to get to the parking lot only to be told that that parking lot was full. There were no signs anywhere along Avalon Blvd to tell people they were waiting in a line for nonexistent parking lot. They then directed us to the parking lot at Del Amo, only to be told that it was also full. We finally found parking in some random parking lot and hiked about a mile to the stadium.

We arrived 30 minutes into the game and had missed the first goal. Keep in mind, there were hundreds of cars still waiting in lines to find parking. Since I had come from work and had not eaten since lunch, I left my seat at 40 minutes to buy food before the half-time rush. What did I discover? They were sold out of hot dogs. Before half time. Who sells out of food before the half? They were sold out and did not know when they were going to have new ones ready. And they were not apologetic. This is the same response I received in three different lines. I went back to my chair and spent the rest of the match frustrated by the lack of organization at this venue.

I was excited about seeing Real Madrid, and I paid a lot for my ticket. But it was a horrible night, and I will never do it again.

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