Nothing but net *

A caimanPretty soon the wily alligator or caiman—take your pick—that is vacationing at Machado Lake is going to get a cute name and media immortality. He or she eluded the hunters again on Wednesday. When the sound bite-savvy croc chasers from Colorado skimmed the lake, all they caught were "some crayfish, a tennis shoe and a water bottle," says the Breeze's Donna Littlejohn, who owns the story. They also got a forty-foot hole hole in their net that needs to be fixed before the hunt continues. But first, gator wrangler Jay Young is heading home to Colorado "to keep a commitment he'd made to his 5-year-old daughter for an end-of-summer visit before school starts." He might be back Sunday or Monday. [* Or two weeks: Whatever. It's only an alligator loose in a public park. 2:49 p.m.)

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