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Unprepared for the worst
The DWP was "shocked" at the peak levels of electricity used during the heat wave and overestimated the quality of its aging transformers and other equipment, the Times' Sharon Bernstein and Amanda Covarrubias report. LAT
Putting the cart ahead of the horse?
Prosecutors are apparently dismayed that federal sentencing guidelines threaten light sentences for any defendants who might be convicted in the Pellicano case, says the Daily Journal. "If there were ever a case where prosecutors were to ask for a higher sentence or a judge were to order one, I think this would be it," said USC law professor Heidi L. Rummel. Well, first the U.S. attorneys actually have to bring someone to trial and win. (No link)
Next Santa Monica ban: smoking on Promenade
The City Council asked its attorney to draft an ordinance that would ban smoking at the Third Street promenade and at outdoor cafes, automated teller machines, movie ticket lines and farmers markets. LAT
Oceans project blow-out
Sunday's Los Angeles Times will launch a five-part series on the planet's sick oceans that includes a big website splash featuring video by staff photographers, a hundred photos and more. "One of the largest multimedia packages The Times has ever published," says the flakkery.
New anti-terrorism headquarters
The $5 million Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center in Norwalk will house 62 analysts from the FBI, LAPD, Sheriff's Department and other SoCal law enforcement agencies. LAT, DN, P-T
Ten children in one undocumented family
The Times devotes Column One to a South Los Angeles family where the illegal immigrant parents struggled to feed and manage six children — then quadruplets arrived this month. The father makes $400 a week installing carpet. LAT
AFTER THE JUMP: Villaraigosa wants Angelides to squirm a little, new city GM can't type (or is it spell?), Bratton heads for Rupert Murdoch's retreat and it's summer in the city.
Democrats eating Democrats
Both times that Antonio Villaraigosa ran for mayor, state Treasurer Phil Angelides was non-committal. Now it's the mayor's turn to hold back his endorsement of the party's candidate for governor. Villaraigosa may also be playing the keep-Schwarzenegger-happy angle, since he will probably need Schwarzenegger's help in securing control of the LAUSD.
"Eventually, he's going to endorse," said one person close to the mayor. "He's just trying to make a point to Phil. I'm sure Phil has gotten the point by now."
Forcing affordable units
The Planning Commission voted to require that a condo conversion in Canoga Park offer 9 of its 100 units for sale or rent at below-market prices. First time, says the Daily News, and it came as a surprise to the councilman, the neighborhood council and the developer.
It's the spelling, stupid
Employees of the city's Information Technology Agency are less than wowed by new general manager Ken Simmons' first email to the staff. Three mistakes before the second sentence is complete?
Subject: Energy Conversation
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 11:50:22 -0700

We have received notice form the Mayor's Office to do what we can to help the current energy problem. As you may have heard, the demand for energy has caused outages throughout the City afffecting both businesses and residents, particularly the elderly...

Rupert Murdoch's retreat at Pebble Beach
Expected this weekend are Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Shimon Peres, Al Gore, Chief Bill Bratton and Bono along with Roger Ailes and 250 other News Corp. executives.
ICM buys an agency
International Creative Management bought Broder Webb Chervin Silbermann, a boutique agency that put together deals for "Grey's Anatomy," "My Name Is Earl" and "Two and a Half Men."
Rising blogs' profile
Daily has moved the links to its staff blogs to a prominent display at the top of the home page. David Kronke tallies up how many speakers at the Television Critics praised the writers.
No air conditioning
Less than half of the homes in the city of Los Angeles have air conditioning, and fewer than 1 in 4 have central air, says a survey cited in the Times.
Summer in the city
Nice essay by D.J. Waldie on the Times op-ed page about the selling of summer tourism in Southern California, especially the roles played by the LAT and the 1955 opening of Disneyland.
Gives Getty credit
Blogger and museum critic Tyler Green gives the Getty props for posting internal governance info on its website.
California Connected
The show focuses on issues around Yosemite National Park, and Judy Muller goes fly-fishing. KCET, 8:30 pm
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