Let's all agree: Reggie's gone

creditThe Daily Breeze, perhaps a little hopefully, reports that on Day 327 of the great South Bay Gator Watch it's still possible that Reggie is lurking somewhere in Machado Lake. He hasn't been seen there, though, since about Day 85. The experts at first explained the lack of Reggie sightings on the belief that he went into hibernation to survive the notoriously brutal Harbor City winter. Now that it has been balmy for three months, they need another story. I believe they've got it:

Under Monday's hot, midday sun -- perfect weather for an alligator -- Russ Smith, curator of reptiles at the Los Angeles Zoo, strolled the lake's shore, binoculars in hand. But he could see no sign of Reggie, either.

"Where he is, I have no clue," said Los Angeles' official reptile man.

Finally, somebody in this saga that knows what they are talking about.

Time to revisit Reggie

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