Telemundo has issues with Salinas

CoupleTelemundo has been covering the mayoral affair and media ethics dust-up involving its own reporter, and seems very interested in hearing what listeners think. At the bottom of the web stories about Mayor Villaraigosa and Mirthala Salinas at, readers are invited to email their comments to three brass listed at NBCUniversal addresses — including assistant news director Ernesto Mourelo and managing editor Rick Morales. Other stories on the website don't carry such a request.


  • ERS reports, based on sources, that supervisors at Telemundo asked Salinas three times in the past year if she was having an affair with the mayor and that she denied it. Top officials met today to discuss Salinas, the site says.
  • Carla Marinucci in the San Francisco Chronicle talks to political insiders who are split on how this will play out for Antonio.
  • Think it's not news? Here's a bylined story on the affair out of Washington in The Guardian....and one in The Independent...and an entry by Mona Gable at The Huffington Post wondering how Hillary Rodham Clinton likes Antonio on her team now.
  • People don't care? The Villaraigosa affair is the most viewed story at and the Daily News.
  • The Daily News editorializes that "throughout his political life, Villaraigosa has been plagued by questions about his loyalty, his fidelity to his friends, his honesty and his commitment to anything beyond his ambition. His relationship with TV reporter Mirthala Salinas will only increase the number and the intensity of such questions."
  • LAist talks to blogger Luke Ford about his role in raising questions about the Villaraigosa marriage back in January.
  • Villaraigosa skipped the Pacific Palisades 4th of July parade.
  • Here's my interview this morning on NPR's "Day to Day."

Photo: Robert Durrell / LA Times

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