Christina Gonzalez sues LAPD

GonzalezVeteran Fox 11 reporter Christina Gonzalez filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city and the police department, saying she suffered "shock and injuries to her nervous system" and "severe emotional distress" after being roughed up by cops during the the LAPD's May Day melee in MacArthur Park last year. Gonzalez's suit alleges that commanders failed to adequately control the officers who rampaged in the park and that she was targeted as a reporter and as a Latina. KNBC 4 reports that Gonzalez is "asking for unspecified general, triple and punitive damages." Gonzalez is working but hasn't posted on her Fox 11 blog since last May, two weeks after the rally. Camerawoman Patricia Lynn Ballaz filed a similar suit last September, alleging she had to be hospitalized after being knocked to the ground by baton-wielding officers.

More Fox 11 blogs: Count reporter Phil Shuman in the ranks of Fox 11's politics bloggers: "Hillary knocking back shots of whiskey in some blue collar bar in Pennsylvania ? she that desperate to show she's a 'regular gal' that she has to start drinking in public?" John Schwada remains the Fox 11 talent having the most fun with the newsroom mandate to blog:

Gosh, I just don't know how to vote. Hillary, Barack, maybe McCain. I can barely get to sleep thinking about it.

Last night, I was tossing and turning as I tried to review their respective positions on Iraq and doing a little mental calculus on super-delegate strategies. And then I thought about Obama girl. Anyway, I couldn't get to sleep so I got up, and nearly broke my neck stumbling over the duvet.

What's wrong," my wife muttered from under the covers. Can't sleep, I mumbled. "Just don't wake Jack. Or the dog," she mumbled back. Yes, dear. Too late, the dog growled at me as I tiptoed past his cozy little bed, custom-made for him at Le Canny-Canine Shoppe there on Montana Avenue. Oh well, maybe he's still a little cranky after that $1,500 operation to have his bladder stones removed.

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