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Morning Buzz: Monday 6.16.08

Judge Kozinski's wife speaks out

In a lengthy letter to Patterico, Marcy Tiffany criticizes Times coverage of her husband and says there was no website, just a folder full of miscellany gathered through the years on a server used to share files and family photos. "The fact is, Alex is not into porn - he is into funny – and sometimes funny has a sexual character. The tiny percentage of the material that was sexual in nature was all of a humorous character." Patterico's Pontifications

New #2 at DWP has checkered past at the agency

Raman Raj was forced out of DWP management in 2001 either due to his shielding employees accused racial bias and being too cozy with the union, as an outside investigation concluded, or for being too friendly with Antonio Villaraigosa, as Raj contends. LAT

Coverage of Mayor Villaraigosa in Israel

He gave Prime Minister Ehud Olmert a Kobe Bryant jersey yesterday and earlier signed an airport pact. AP, LAT, Islam Online, Y Net News, Jewish Journal video

Jewish community summit about Obama

A party tonight at Carmen Warschaw's to discuss Barack Obama's Mideast policy is expected to include David Geffen, Sherry Lansing, Reps. Howard Berman and Henry Waxman and Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, among others. Rick Orlov/DN

Judge rules for Susan Paterno over McCaw

Paterno is the journalist who wrote perhaps the deepest piece yet on Wendy McCaw and the Santa Barbara News-Press, for the American Journalism Review. She got sued for it, but a judge last week slapped down McCaw. Craig Smith, SB Independent

Baca and Bratton on race violence

"So who is right?," Tim Rutten asks, then concludes: "Actually, they both are, though their perspectives are radically different." LAT

L.A. Sniper vs. David Nahai

Alan Mittelstaedt explains the origins of his strained relationship with the city's Water and Power CEO: "I’ve listened several times to a recording of our conversation at the May 20 press conference. When I asked him how much his water bill was, he said: 'You’d have to ask my wife.' Many of my own friends say I shouldn’t have taken his words so literally and gone to his house. I would have gone to check it out even without his implied invitation. Go ahead, convict me of tredding [sic] into the personal domain of one of most powerful public officials in L.A., who dictates policies that affect millions of people." Witness LA

East Coast view of the LAT

Author, journalist, blogger and USC Annenberg faculty member Celeste Fremon posts: "I was sitting around with a group of writers who have gathered in Bennington College in Vermont—poets, novelists, and a few nonfiction types, like me—most of them resolutely East Coast, when the subject of the Los Angeles Times came up and instantly the tone turned mordant. It was as if someone had mentioned a friend who was gravely ill, or a family member who was married to a violent abuser." Witness LA

BANG papers choose the union

The Bay Area vote to unionize Dean Singleton's newspapers could have pretty big ramifications down here in LANG land. CC Times

Linda Douglass on leaving journalism

The former TV correspondent, including in Los Angeles, turned Obama spokeswoman "may be the highest-profile TV reporter to jump into presidential politics since NBC's Ron Nessen became Gerald Ford's White House press secretary in 1974," says Howard Kurtz. WashPost

Matt McHale's condition

McHale, one of the recent departures from the Daily News sports staff, is hospitalized in Connecticut after suffering both a heart attack and a stroke. Former colleagues have been visiting him.

Doonesbury comics return

Garry Trudeau starts sending panels to newspapers again after a but of a break. Here's the LAT's plan.

Correction on gang violence post

Last week's California Report story on gangs in Los Angeles was produced and reported by Rob Schmitz, not by Raechel Myrow.

Author day at 'Airtalk'

David Lazarus sits in for Larry Mantle and gets a pretty good couple of book-pushing guests: Scott McClellan and Salman Rushdie. KPCC at 10 a.m.

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