First person account of getting shot

A hockey fan who posts at LetsGoKings.com as riseandfall9 describes being shot outside a club in Hollywood and having to call 911 himself even though a half-dozen other people looked on. An excerpt is after the jump, with the original spelling and punctuation (but with some added line breaks for readability.)

My friend Shaun and I were at Big Wangs Bar in Hollywood trying to pick up on some females and while he was walking to the bathroom he happened to bump into a gentleman and things got a little out of hand with the pushing and shoving. I tried to defuse the situation as best as possible I told the guy hey were all here for a good time nobody wants trouble and I bought him a beer and everything seemed to be okay from 9:30 to say 11:45ish everything was fine we didn't talk they didn't interact nothing.

As many of you who may go to Hollywood know that the parking situation is extremely messy so our car was parked a bit away from the bar itself. Little did we know that the same Gentleman was following us. As we were going to get into our car he punched my friend in his face cocked the gun and stuck it to my friends chin. I was talking to the guy telling him that a little bump in the shoulder isn't worth going to jail for life and that lets just put the gun down and take care of this civil. I tried to just bring the gun away from my friends face because obviously a gunshot from this close would be fatal and I didn't want any of that to happen. After a minute of talking to the guy he seemed to settle down a little bit but his friend was egging him on and he was in a situation where he didn't want to do it but he didn't want to look like a punk in front of his friend.

I tapped the guy on the shoulder and said its all good lets just all go home and pass out and tried to lower the gun. As I did that he spazzed out and rang off a bunch of shots. 1 of the Bullets went into my stomach and out the left side. The other shot made a big dent in me and was the one that I felt the most. The 2 guys ran off. And about 15 minutes later an ambulance came for me.

Just to let everyone here know there was a crowd of people of say 5 to 7 watching this the whole time and none of them called the police. Even after I was shot I had to call 911 myself. My friend was so in shock that he went into a weird moment where he couldn't talk couldn't dial couldn't do anything. After the ambulance arrived I decided that it was time for me to rest and let them and god take care of me. And I woke up maybe 2 days later with my father and mother in my face.

The first news of his being shot attracted 10,500 clicks and 243 posts in response, most but not all wishing him well.

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