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Good morning -- here's what's happening 11.13.08

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Kevin's taking a break and here I am, doing my best not to break the blog while he's gone. See any bad links or (I do not have the copy editor gene) typos? Please email. (Please be nice.)

OK, LAO-lite, now in progress:

Whose fault is it? Everyone's apparently, as millions of Californians throughout the state take part in the biggest earthquake drill ever. LAT, OC Reg, LADN

A disaster prep guide from the Daily Breeze (BIG pdf file) is worth a look. Zach Behrens at LAist likes this video.

The Anti-Prop 8 battle gets bigger, louder, and angrier. LAT, LADN

And some prominent gay Republicans are backing the anti-Prop 8 lawsuit. OC Register

Meanwhile, more fall-out over Prop 8 contributions: this time Scott Eckern, artistic director for the California Musical Theatre, resigned after his $1,000 contribution to Prop 8 caused outrage and threatened boycotts. Sacto Bee

Air pollution costs California $28 billion per year. LAT (And $22 billion of that comes from SoCal. OC Register)

Remember the shocking news that the LAPD has a backlog of 7,000 unprocessed rape kits? Now the LA County Sheriff's Department says it has 5,635 rape kits of its own in storage. How many of those have been processed? Excellent question, no answers. LADN, LAT

The Governator's planning to host a summit on global warming. The Sausage Factory

Speaking of which, get out the SPF 45 -- a three-day heat wave is coming our way, with temps headed into the 90s.

A Temple City man, who has bought only three lottery tickets in his life, has won $11 million. Deciding he doesn't need any new bff's, he's chosen to stay anonymous. Star-News

It's time to dump David Brewer, the LAUSD supe, says an editorial in the LAT.

The Daily News spanks Top Cop Bill Bratton for his jet-setting ways.

Michael Jackson sold his troubled (in more ways than one) property, Neverland Ranch. Or did he? TMZ

Former Jimi Hendrix drummer, Mitch Mitchell, has died. Daily Breeze

Photo: Thomwatson / Flickr (via Creative Commons license)

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