Ups and downs in the local media landscape

First the good news: California Sunday Magazine, the new monthly appearing in the weekend editions of the LA Times, the SF Chronicle and the Sacramento Bee, starts distribution this weekend. Doug McGray, editor-in-chief, talks about the launch on KPCC's morning show, Take Two.

In not-so-great news, the OC Register's move to less costly delivery carriers has resulted in an earlier deadline that wreaks havoc with the sports department's ability to deliver game results. From the story in the OC Weekly:

The Register is moving up its printing time two full hours to 9 p.m. so their new, cheaper carriers can deliver the paper, according to sources. And it's sent the Sports section into an uproar, because they're now faced with the embarrassing prospect of not being able to publish the results of games the following day--you know, at a time when both the Angels and Dodgers are in the playoffs, and UCLA and USC football are having good seasons.

"The most important Angels and Dodgers games of the year arrive, and the Register might not be able to provide final scores in print for the night games?" says a source who, as usual, requested anonymity. "UCLA [which plays this Saturday at 7:30 in the evening] is an unbeaten Top 10 team and they just won't appear in this Sunday's edition because Kushner's financial woes led to a change in delivery service?"

Perhaps not permanent, Gustavo Arellano reports of the deadline change.

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