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OtisI can now reveal* the answer to last week's first Where in Los Angeles am I? LA Observed Quiz. It's the statue of Harrison Gray Otis, the former Times publisher, that stands at Wilshire Boulevard and Park View on the edge of MacArthur Park. It has been there since Aug. 3, 1920 — Buster Keaton hid behind the statue in the silent film "Hard Luck" a year later.

Thanks to everyone who emailed their answers. I have to call it a tie. Jeffery Daar, of the Downtown law firm of Daar and Newman, had the most facts and even the statue's cost, $50,000. Tod Tamberg, director of media relations at the Los Angeles Archdiocese, also had the artist's name, Paul Troubetzkoy, and the name of Charles White Elementary School, which occupies the corner where Otis is pointing. For why he's pointing there, and to see Keaton posing behind Otis — and another long-missing statue — click on the short video.

(* I promised to give up the answer last week, but I thought it would be fun to pull together the video. Click "watch in high quality" if YouTube gives you the option.)

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