Stephanie Edwards returns

For a sizable chunk of the television audience, the proper world order was restored on KTLA's broadcast of the 2009 Rose Parade: Stephanie Edwards back in the booth gabbing with Bob Eubanks, and with Michaela Pereira down in the bleachers offering occasional feeds from among the fans. It's been five long years since a reader first emailed me with observations of tension in the booth between Edwards and Eubanks. Dozens of posts, reader emails, official denials and plot twists later, my original emailer took in Edwards' return and pronounced it good enough:

I feel I should report it was great to see Stephanie back. Bob was his usual self — he actually shoehorned a plug for his wife's wedding planning service into his patter for the USO float.

Stephanie Edwards actually came back several times with what the kids call "Burn!" She name-checked my original post — when Bob was going off on his ties to Hawaii — suggesting "Aloha" might be "Hawaiian for shut up." Then homegirl came in on one of his pointless shpiels to say "I've read your e-mails ladies & gentlemen — and there's nothing I can do."

My cousin thought it worked out great since plenty of Californian kids are used to parents who've been divorced.

Quick refresher: Eubanks grew snippier toward Edwards in 2005 and she was banished to the sidelines (and the rain) for the 2006 parade as KTLA went with the younger Pereira. In 2007, Edwards opted out of any role, and the Eubanks-Pereira axis held for 2008. But then KTLA manager Vinne Malcolm was excused from the Sam Zell empire, and the new guys made a beeline for Edwards and offered her $50,000 to heal the rift.

More email on the 2008 version of Edwards v Eubanks.

What a great parade . . . especially with Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks together again. Nobody commentates better than those two! The perfect team to start the New Year. Thanks for making my day!!!!!!!

Barbara Cassie
San Diego

I had nothing to do with it. I don't even watch the parade. Here's another:

Thank You so much for bringing back Stephanie Edwards to host "The Rose Parade" along with Bob Eubanks. They did superb job!!

The Rose Parade is not the same without both of them. Hopefully they will be the hosts for many more years to come.
Thank You again!

Barbara Ogle
Apple Valley

And a dissenter, nonetheless loyal to KTLA:

I always watch the Rose Parade on channel 5, because they have no commericals, but it is so upsetting that I can't really ejnoy the parade, because Bob Eubanks, and Stephenie Edwards are so self centered. All they talk about is themselves, and what they have done or talked to in the parade. You can't even hear most of the bands, because of their crap. When the Sesame Street float came by we couldn't even hear the people singing the theme song, for Ms. Edwards trying to show off that she knew the song, and besides that she can't sang for crap. It is so irritating. Why can't they just do what they are hired to do, describe the floats and the other entries and keep their boring comments to themselves? I will probably watch channel 5 again next year, but if it was up to me Ubanks and Ewards could just keep their mouths shut.

Why can't they get some like Stan Chambers, or someone of his caliber (if there is anyone of his caliber that works at the station), to do the
broadcast? Thanks for listening.

James Taylor

And regarding Furnell Chatman:

I enjoyed his reporting, very professional, and unbiased. He was a news fixture here in L.A. I'm sure he served as a great role model for many young black Americans. I, along with many other viewers, wish him the best in his retirement.

Bill Richardson
Van Nuys

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