How to flack the octuplets story

Steve Mikulan gets off a couple of good lines in his L.A. Daily post that "as a press representative for Union Pacific Railroad, Joann Killeen has plenty of experience with train wrecks, which may explain why she is handling publicity for Nadya Suleman, the Whittier mother who gave birth to octuplets last month." Suleman, he posts, has been hit with "the worst blowback against a mother since Casey Anthony reported her young daughter Caylee missing." Mikulan chats with Killeen about the case — she and her partner are working it pro bono, they say &mdash and the death threats.

"There's another side to this whole story - the impact on me!" Killeen says. "I've been in seclusion - the media are parked outside my house in Brentwood and paparazzi follow me, thinking to use me to find Nadya." So far, she said, she's received 500 phone calls from media outlets and her company's Website crashed for four hours last week from the volume of emails it was receiving. Many of them were death threats against Killeen or Suleman and her family.

"You're nothing but an ambulance chaser," one man called. "I'm going to put you in my wood-chipper."

"I'm going to cut you up in pieces and leave you at the bottom of the ocean, where you belong," offered another.


"I had to put a gag on Nadya's mother, who sold her out to RadarOnline. They paid her $40,000 to sell [Nadya] out and she can't talk about her daughter for three months."

There won't be any more eggs implanted in Suleman, her rep says: ""There's nothing left in the frozen vault," Killeen says. "There's nothing left to defrost."

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