If you read just one more Manny column...

Make it Mike Downey's on the LAT Op-Ed page. Downey is the former Times sports and Metro columnist, and at least he has some fun with the sudden and, in retrospect, not unexpected demise of Mannywood. Samples:

It had to be the saddest Siete de Mayo in Chavez Ravine in many a year. Fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers have been placed on the 50-day disgusted list....

What a dark blue day. "Star Trek" opens and promptly puts all of Hollywood's baseball fans on "stun." It feels as if every true-blue man, woman, boy or girl in an "LA" cap just got his or her dreadlock yanked.


[Manny] apologized to everybody in Southern California except the octomom, the topless Miss USA contestant, Steve Lopez and the dude with the cello.

At Dodger Stadium, the dreadlocks have been pulled from the souvenir stands and the team's marketing strategy is being revamped. I'll be saying something about the Manny situation later on KCRW (4:44 p.m. on 89.9), but I still have to write it. No Morning Buzz today.

At Native Intelligence: Phil Wallace says "If Manny is extraordinarily remorseful in the public sphere, and comes back on July 3 with his same engaging personality, then it's certainly not outside the realm of possibility that numerous LA fans will welcome him back with open arms."

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