Manny's performance enhancing drug? *

For sexual dysfunction, a source "close to Manny Ramirez" tells Yahoo Sports' Tim Brown and Steve Henson. Yahoo

However, two sources said the substance Ramirez tested positive for was a gonadotropin. Major League baseball’s list of banned substances includes the gonadotropins LH and HCG, which are most commonly used by women as fertility drugs. They also can be used to trigger testosterone production. Testosterone is depleted by steroid use, and low testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction.

“Testosterone and similar drugs are effective for erectile dysfunction in that they jazz up your sex drive,” said Charles Yesalis, a professor at Penn State who has testified before Congress on issues of performance-enhancing drugs. “But far more clinicians accept that affect with Viagra and Cialis. It’s hard for me to understand if it was erectile dysfunction why they would use it.”

Also: An LAO reader, also known as a wag, wonders aloud how the Los Angeles Newspaper Group suits feel today about not having anyone on the Dodgers beat.

LAT's Bill Plaschke tweets: "I'm so mad, ath bounced me early probably to stop my screaming. I don't blame them. Dodger put their heart into manny and he cheated them." [ath is ESPN's Around the Horn, where he's a regular.] Also: "Ended last night with fighting lakers. Woke up this morning to juicing manny. What a town. What a job."

Jamie McCourt, Dodgers CEO via "We share the disappointment felt by our fans, our players, and every member of our organization. We support the policies of Major League Baseball, and we will welcome Manny back upon his return." Joe Torres gaggles with the media about 4:30 at the stadium.

From roiundup:

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs: "It's a tragedy. It's a shame. My sense is, it's a great embarrassment on Major League Baseball."

Hall of Fame pitcher and fellow Dominican Juan Marichal (to ESPN): "I was wrong thinking he was a pure, natural hitter and that he would never use anything that would help a player do better. I'm very sad to hear a player of his caliber could be involved in such a thing. I consider it cheating the game to have a positive test."

Reds pitcher and ex-Ramirez teammate (2003-05) Bronson Arroyo: "The years I played with Manny, he was such an introverted guy. I always said he was one of the strangest guys I ever played with. No one knows much about Manny's personal life, trust me. Nobody. It's kind of shocking that he got caught up in anything, honestly. Manny likes to play stupid, but he's a pretty bright guy. And he's definitely aware of a lot of things that he tries to act like he's completely oblivious to."

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