Kaye's meltdown 'denier' called out

Ron Kaye's new organ for his activist brand of politics and news,, ran a long piece yesterday claiming to debunk the "meltdown myth" regarding the 1959 nuclear reactor incident in the hills above Chatsworth. The story was by a woman who is well known in the long history of the incident --'s Michael Collins calls her a "meltdown denier." He's been breaking stories about the incident for years and posts in response:

We came across a jaw-dropping article on ex-Los Angeles Daily News Editor Ron Kaye’s “” that was, to say the least, unexpected....

Besides breaking every journalism rule in the book, the piece cobbles together a series of amateurish gibberish trying to dispel the notion that there was a meltdown on The Hill. The “Special Report” not only doesn’t sell the meltdown denier hogwash, it ends up being laughable even as it mischaracterizes this tragic event in 1959.


If old pro’s like Ron Kaye can sign off on rubbish like this, then “citizen journalism” has hit a new low.

More over there.

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