Worries near SM Airport

Talk about a story that's going nowhere fast (the above video is from 2007 and not much has happened since). As the FAA and the city of Santa Monica keep bickering over what types of jets should be banned from the airport, the neighbors are getting restless. The Argonaut talks to a bunch of nearby residents who aren't happy about increased traffic, idle engines (the fumes spill over into the residential areas), and of course the safety concerns.

Jacquie Jordan resides on the Los Angeles side of the airport and her concerns mirror those of her counterparts in Santa Monica. “I was naive when I bought my house in 2006,” Jordan, a television producer who has been nominated for two Emmy Awards, said. “My understanding was that it was a recreational airport that was active on the weekends. “I didn’t realize that it was a main transportation portal for executives who live in the area and a layover for LAX.”

The paper reports that SM officials are asking a federal appellate court to overturn a lower court decision that struck down an ordinance that would have prohibited certain types of jets using the airport.

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