Faye Dunaway's rent-stabilization problem

She's been sued in Manhattan housing court, accused by her landlord of not living in a $1,048.72-a-month, rent-stabilized apartment. Dunaway, who is 70, seems to be spending most of her time in West Hollywood (the landlord says that's where she has her voter and auto registrations). Her son Liam has been living in the NY apartment, which is in a century-old tenement building on East 78th Street. If Dunaway gets evicted, the landlord would be able to more than double the rent. From the NYT:

Rent stabilization rules require tenants to live in the apartment they are renting as a primary residence, not as a second home. Ms. Dunaway, 70, does not appear to be living glamorously. The home in California is a nice but not flashy house on which she still carries a mortgage, according to the lawsuit. Her car is a 2007 Toyota Corolla.


Ms. Dunaway rented her current apartment on the Upper East Side on Aug. 1, 1994, in a six-story yellow brick building with fire escapes in the front. The name next to the outdoor buzzer reads “F. Dunaway.” The building’s hallway floors are green linoleum. Its cream walls are chipped, and pink marble steps lead up to her third-floor unit. Her front door is painted aquamarine and has the names “Dunaway/ONeill” and “PT Bascom” listed by the black doorbell. There is a simple brown doormat with black trim. No one answered the door on Tuesday afternoon.

Neighbors said they had seen Dunaway in the past, but not so much lately.

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Faye Dunaway's rent-stabilization problem
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