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Why the media obsession with bow ties?

Sara Libby wonders at True/Slant:

When I saw the first line of yesterday’s L.A. Times story on NFL linebacker Dhani Jones, I knew I couldn’t read any further. It says: “There’s a bow tie revolution going on.”


Seemingly every man in the public sphere who sports one on a regular basis draws constant attention for it – and I simply can’t figure out why. If journalists mentioned a woman’s affinity for scarves or a particular style of suit each and every time a woman was profiled, we’d deem it sexist, or at the very least, unnecessary and kind of weird....

When I worked as an editor at a legal newspaper that ran a daily profile of a state or federal judge, the reporters couldn’t help but mention when a male judge had a habit of wearing bow ties. I always thought it irrelevant and bizarre....Bow ties are a completely appropriate, unremarkable piece of professional clothing.

Libby was an editor at the L.A. Daily Journal.

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