Vin Scully to announce plans on Sunday **

vin-scully2010-dn.jpgHe wouldn't say on Saturday what he will announce, but the 82-year-old voice of the Dodgers since the Brooklyn days dropped a hint to TJ Simers: "I know what I am going to do and I would imagine the Dodgers will arrange things so an announcement can be made before [Sunday's] game. I'd like to do that so everyone hears it at the same time. It's the proper way to do it.'' Remember, he told Bill Plaschke in pretty strong terms last season that he'd retire after 2010, but backtracked on his comments after the reaction was so strong.

Added: ESPN's Jon Weisman posts wishfully, "Given that Scully has said he hasn't wanted a farewell tour, I'm going to go to sleep thinking it's an announcement he's coming back, at least to do home games."

* Spotted on Twitter: "@LAFDtalk Every Los Angeles Firefighter will be closely *listening* to the pre-game of tomorrows Dodger game.

** He will return: The Dodgers put out a release early in the morning saying Scully will be at the mike next season. Chatting with reporters at the stadium, Scully said, "Baseball, I love it with my heart and soul. And I found, deep in the recesses of my mind, I didn't want to sever the relationship....When push came to shove, I just didn't want to leave. My wife, God bless her, said, 'If you love it, do it.'" Also this quip: he's been pretty sure for awhile he wanted to return, "and now that they have Rod Barajas, that was the clincher."

Jon Soohoo / Los Angeles Dodgers

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