Q: Where are the most gibbon apes in the Americas?

Tuk & Domino food sharing.jpgThe answer: in Santa Clarita. There are more than 35 of the "singing apes" at the Gibbon Conservation Center at the mouth of Bouquet Canyon. Pretty good story: center founder Alan Mootnick has been taking care of the endangered gibbons there for 30 years now. His annual Breakfast with the Gibbons event this Sunday is one of the few times during the year when the public can get a tour and see the apes, babies and adults, up close. It's a fundraiser to help the center relocate away from all the growth in Santa Clarita, where construction activity stirs up microorganisms in the soil that can sicken the animals. Tuk, the female on the left in the photo, gave birth last year.

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Northern white cheeked gibbons Tuk and Domino share food. Photo by Gabriella Skollar.

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