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lamag-dec2010.jpgI've really been enjoying Los Angeles magazine's feature this month on 50 more-or-less famous Angelenos remembering something about growing up here. Steve Martin leads off (hence the cover.) George Lopez quips "I grew up in San Fernando, but we said 'Mission Hills' because it seemed classier." Among the others are former Secretary of State Warren Christopher, Judge Lance Ito, actors Jodie Foster, John Cho, Maya Rudolph, and George Takei, Cardinal Roger Mahony ("My dad was in the poultry-processing business. Our plant was on Chandler by Lankershim"), Ray Bradbury and Larry Mantle (pictured young, possibly as a teenager.) It's not online, though there are some extras on the website.

Jamie Lee Curtis offers a sentiment I can get behind: "My first childhood memory is the smell of eucalyptus trees." She and her sister Kelly also put up a test of your L.A. knowledge:

1. What used to be where the Beverly Center is now?

2. What does PMK stand for?

3. Name the bread bakery warehouse in Beverly Hills that's across the street from the Lichine School of Ballet.

4. Name the Santa Monica amusement park that closed in 1967.

5. What was the name of the cafeteria in the original Century City mall?

Bonus: What was the jingle for radio station KHJ?

Yeah, definitely Westside centric. Her answers after the jump.

1. Beverly Park and Ponyland.

2. Pickwick, Maslansky, Koenigsberg (the Hollywood PR firm formed by merger in 1980.)

3. Wonder Bread.

4. Pacific Ocean Park.

5. Clifton's

For the bonus, get the magazine.

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