Francesca Lia Block on possibly losing her home

francesca-lia-block.jpgFrancesca Lia Block, the author of more than 30 books and creator of the popular Weetzie Bat character, writes on Facebook today that even though her mortgage is current, she is in a refi run-around with Bank of America and may lose her Culver City home. I don't generally note postings I see on the walls of Facebook friends, but in this case she is hoping to widely circulate her account of the dispute and call for help. Excerpt:

I, Francesca Lia Block, working author/teacher and single mom with good credit and an up-to-date mortgage for an over-encumbered property (that has declined due to current market conditions and the recession), have decided, after much thought, to go public with my complaints against Bank of America.

In order to avoid potential foreclosure, I have been trying to work with the bank since March, 2010 to modify an unfair interest-only loan on a property that has declined in value. I have been subjected to inefficiency of unimaginable proportions, rudeness and inexcusable delays. After hearing about Obama’s plan to help people in a similar situation and reading various things on the Internet about what the bank is saying it will do to help people I am now bringing this to your attention.

I ask your help in spreading the word about this situation so that I may maintain my home for myself and my children.

The post is also on her blog.

Facebook photo of Block

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