Bryan Stow a year later: 'we try not to cry in front of him'

stow+and+kids.jpgBryan Stow's family website marked Saturday's anniversary of the attack outside Dodger Stadium that left the father of two and Giants fan from Northern California brain-damaged and unable to live outside a care facility. Stow recently turned 43.

The emotions we felt when we found out what happened are still with us to this day. Its painful to think back to that day, and the following days, weeks, even months, and think about what we went through emotionally and at times, physically. This literally took our lives and turned them upside down. We have always tried to take as much good from this as we possibly can, but to be honest, at times that is hard to do. Because Bryan still has so far to go, it's easy to get discouraged, feel down and even get angry for what happened to him. We feel sad for Tyler and Tabitha, who need their dad. We feel sad for Bryan, for having to go through what he's been through and what he will go through for the rest of his life. But, because he has his life we are forever thankful.

Earlier in March, the website posted that Stow recently had to move to a new facility and was not taking it easily. Also this poignant reminder of how difficult things are for Stow and his community of caretakers: he did not remember his birthday party the next day.

He was moved Thursday to a facility with aggressive therapy that will help him become as independent as possible. He shares an apartment with 2 other TBI patients and has someone with him at all times helping him. He still needs someone to transfer him to and from his chair, dress him, make his meals, etc. Unfortunately there are no rehab places fitting for Bryan close to home. Being so far away, the move was tough. We think the long drive, combined with being in an unfamiliar place set Bryan back a bit, which we suppose is to be expected. He hasn’t been sleeping well since he got to the facility, barely has an appetite and at one point he said he was scared. All we can do is hug him, tell him he isn’t alone and try not to cry in front of him.

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