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Lifted the print LA Times lately?

lat-front-62012.jpgToday's front or main news section of the Los Angeles Times has just 12 printed pages. That includes the two pages devoted to editorials and op-ed — and with the only content on page A2 a Steve Lopez column. Tuesday's A section also had just 12 pages, with page 12 entirely taken up by a 99 Cents Only store ad. No full-page ad on 12 today, just the jumps of front-page stories.

Today's Daily News front section has 18 printed pages, including the opinion pages — the last three pages are all ads, so there's DN content on 15 pages. That's not a comparison of the two papers. The Times has much more content than the Daily News beyond the front section, and more staff-written reporting than the DN in the A section.

Friday's A section of the LA Times had 34 pages.

Cropped front page of Los Angeles Times for June 20, 2012

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Lifted the print LA Times lately?