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Media notes: Out at LAT, in at Pacific Standard

Leaving the Los Angeles Times staff is Dean Kuipers, recently the nightlife editor in Arts and Entertainment, but formerly the co-editor of Brand X and an editor at CityBeat. He's also been behind the LAT's enviro blog Greenspace, and is leaving to be director of community and content at renewable energies analytics firm called Geostellar. From his farewell note to the newsroom:

Seriously, it’s very very hard to leave this place, and I am going to work in the Energy sector knowing that I am still a writer, will always be a writer, and have always loved this place as a refuge and oasis for writing.

I have always regarded this people in this place as The Pros. Now that I have been here for five years, I know without a doubt: You are the pros. You care about the truth and getting the story right and making a difference with your reporting, and that’s why this place is incredible and inspiring. You work fast, you get it right, and you can’t say “Pussy Riot” in print because you care about families.

I hate to leave Calendar and this kick-ass Pop Music team and the Nightlife crew. You are doing incredible work and just ramping up to what I’m sure are even bigger and better things as the team gels and evolves.

Few people probably knew that I also looked after Greenspace, our environmental blog. Someone please step in and take care of that blog. This place needs a great environmental blog!

Up in Santa Barbara, coming in at Pacific Standard magazine is John Gravois, the former editor and writer of Washington Monthly. He joined Pacific Standard in July as senior features editor. Noted: He's a graduate of Deep Springs College.

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