California's divide on Obama-Romney

California voters went 59 percent for President Obama, 39 percent for Mitt Romney. It's largely, but not totally, a coastal thing. Blue are the counties where Obama won. I guess the Secretary of State doesn't like red.


Obama did better last time: in 2008 he received 61% of the vote. But look at this. Between 2008 and 2012, more than 2.7 million Obama voters disappeared. It looks like they mostly stayed home. Romney did a little better than John McCain, percentage wise (39 to 37 percent), but there were 1.4 million fewer votes this time for the Republican. The gap should close somewhat as final counts and adjustments are made.

Obama 2008: 8,274,473
Obama 2012: 5,573,450

McCain 2008: 5,011,781
Romney 2012: 3,635,571

Note: Roseanne Barr got 36,000 votes for president this time, less than the Green Party candidate.

Compare to the vote on ending the death penalty. Blue are those counties where Proposition 34 received a majority. It lost statewide 53-47.


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California's divide on Obama-Romney
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California's divide on Obama-Romney
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