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LAT's Plaschke on nude Helen Hunt, her 'lady garden' and hotel porn

helen-hunt-sessions.jpgI'm reminded why I can't listen to sports talk. Times columnist Bill Plaschke made a guest appearance yesterday on "Petros and Money," the talk show on Fox Sports Radio. His opening four-minute admiration of naked actresses, hotel room porn and especially the nudity of Helen Hunt in "The Sessions" has got the sports media chattering. Deadspin files the story under its "Gross" category and includes the audio in which an ebullient Plaschke and the host (apparently Matt 'Money' Smith') agree that Hunt's nose — "didn't she have kind of a beak on her?" — and figure have not impressed them before. "She's always been a little heavy down low," the host says. But Plaschke jumps to Hunt's defense, noting that "suddenly she's an older woman and hhhhhotttt." He refers admiringly to Hunt's "lady garden" and says of the film that "it's got to win the academy award for lady parts. They show Helen Hunt full nude. Everything top to bottom, full nude...Her fully nude made it a great film."

Plaschke says that he paused and rewound "The Sessions" so much that "it took me four hours to watch it." The deep subject matter led the men to then discuss the finer points of watching porn in hotel rooms and whether they are "man enough" to pay for it, or are the type to lie to the hotel staff to get it taken off the bill. One awkwardness, Plaschke said, is when the hotel staffer you have to discuss it with is a young "coed."

Plaschke and Smith were clearly amping up the talk for effect, but it wasn't pretty. And they never did get the title of the movie right. They called it "Sessions." Listen to the audio at Deadspin.

"The Sessions" is a recent film in which Hunt's character helps a severely disabled man lose his virginity.

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