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Bryan Stow's road isn't getting any easier

Thumbnail image for bryan-stow-tksgiving.jpgDodger Stadium beating victim Bryan Stow has returned to his home in Santa Cruz after more than two years in hospitals and rehab facilities. But it's not a sign of progress. Insurance stopped paying for his care at his latest facility in Bakersfield. I'm sorry, but why aren't the Dodgers paying for all of this? From the Stow family website:

Over two years ago, one phone call started us on this journey. We spent 6 weeks in LA, away from home, unsure if Bryan was even going to live. We then spent 5 months in San Francisco, closer to home but still a drive. Bryan was more stable, but we had moments where we could have lost him. Next, he was in San Jose for 5 months, where we were able to see more of what his injury impacted. We were able to have limited “conversations” with him and become acquainted with the “new” Bryan. He was similar to what we’ve always known, but he was also very different. There was some progress at VMC, but the insurance company felt he was no longer in need of this facility. The time came to look for a live-in care facility that focused on rehab. We chose a great facility -the Centre for Neuroskills in Bakersfield. Even though it was 4 hours away, we felt it was the best fit for Bryan. He received all forms of rehab every day, all while living in an apartment complex with 24 hour care. One of the four of us was with him every day.

After a long two years of being away from home, the insurance company has ceased payment for CNS, so Bryan has come home. Let us clarify something very important -Bryan could have benefited greatly by staying at CNS longer. We are so glad to have him home, but as prepared as we thought we were, it was a difficult transition. Bryan requires so much assistance and it is impossible for Ann and Dave to do it alone. Bryan requires 24 hour nursing care, but this is not covered by insurance. So we had to hire care givers in order to help Bryan to get up and showered in the morning, and get dressed and in bed in the evening. We are now the ones administrating his medical care, scheduling all his appointments, and preparing all his meals. We are not complaining…we have Bryan home!

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